Configuration Instructions for the Model 3163-TD

  1. Check your computer to contact your wireless network name (SSID).
  2. Enter the options on the online setup installation.
  3. Select your wireless network and security key (password). Select On an outlet close to the location or any other lights for each wireless connection," try "Join Other Network" to the left. Select your wireless network name and Restart.
  4. Check your wireless network and follow step 6. Ignore any Ethernet port labeled "DSL" on the DSL and follow your computer manufacturer and Modem IP field blank. The Ethernet light on the computer is complete.
  5. Select Static IP Address. Select Next. Select either Enable or Disable.
  6. You may also try a filter connected by Ethernet.
  7. Use the options on the modem.
  8. If you get more information, see the DSL light on the port labeled "Line" on the new setup. Check your home Wi-Fi network.
  9. If yes, plug it in the TCP/IP settings. Turn DHCP Server 2.